Max Ernst. In the Garden of Nymph Ancolie

Max Ernst. In the Garden of Nymph Ancolie

12 September 2007 – 27 January 2008

The artist Max Ernst was born in Brühl near Cologne in 1891 and died in Paris in 1976. The exhibition in Basel assembles around 150 of his works, some of which, on loan from international museums and galleries as well as private collectors, have rarely, and in certain cases never before, been shown in public.

This will therefore be the first comprehensive overview of the multifaceted œuvre of this painter, collagist and sculptor to be held in Switzerland since several decades. Throughout his life, Ernst was interested in exploring big issues – from Eros and Thanatos to the unconscious, the origins and metamorphoses of nature to their appropriation and co-option by man.

Ernst’s genius resided in his adaptation and transformation of existing artistic techniques, to which he added completely new ones such as collage, grattage, frottage and decalcomania. By using these as a vehicle, and by referring repeatedly to his own body of work, he not only questioned, but revolutionised the art world with more lasting effect than almost any other twentieth century artist.
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«Blumen für Anita» („Flowers for Anita“)

17 August – 2 December 2007

In honour of Anita Neugebauer and 30 years Gallery ‚photo art basel’.
Book presentation and exhibition vernissage on August 16, 2007, 6:00 p.m.
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The Atelier Alfred Hofkunst

The Atelier Alfred Hofkunst

16 May – 5 August 2007

From May 16 through August 5, 2007, the Museum Tinguely is presenting an exhibition dedicated to the Swiss artist Alfred Hofkunst (1942-2004).

The artist/graphic artist Hofkunst did not master his field only but many others as well. Thus, the exhibition is more than a simple «homage» and aims to reveal the multiple talents of an artist that could only be grasped by a visit to his atelier. These astounding works are full of humour and even laughter. Here is an opportunity to re-discover an oeuvre that encompassed hyperrealist drawings of light bulbs and shutters, but included also the artistic production of garbage bags.
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The International Situationist : 1957 – 1972 In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

The International Situationist : 1957 – 1972
In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

4 April – 5 August 2007

The Museum Tinguely presents the most extensive exhibition hitherto on the Situationist International that was founded on July 28, 1957. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of its foundation, 400 exhibits will illustrate this last important avant-garde movement that counted 72 artists among its members, with sections in Germany, Holland, America, North Africa and elsewhere, rescuing it from oblivion.
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Kurt Wyss – Encounters

14 February – 29 April 2007

After his training as a photographer in Fribourg and Berne and a few years freelancing, the Basel photographer Kurt Wyss (*Basel, 1936) was since the mid-Sixties photographic editor of the National-Zeitung and subsequently, until he retired, editor and photographer of the Basler Zeitung.

As a newspaper reporter, Kurt Wyss photographed ordinary daily occurrences as well as unusual events. But next to his activity as a press photographer, he manifested a great interest for the world of the arts: his photographs of artists eg. Jean Dubuffet and Jean Tinguely and writers are shown in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His photographic chronicles on various subjects, amongst them migration in Switzerland, are published in a quantity of books and anthologies.

The exhibition at the Museum Tinguely presents a survey of Kurt Wyss’s work.
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